Our Core Expertise

Comprehensive Performance Analytics

We measure the productivity and effectiveness of your teams and/or entire organization. We not only provide a snapshot of your workforce today, but also allow for the tracking of improvement into the future.

You can expect:

• Inventory of employee talents
• Diagnosis of conflict and stress
• Scientifically coordinated team synergy
• Detailed analytics and reports
• Powerful and predictive insights

“I personally found it fascinating, eye-opening, and extremely relevant to how we put our office staff together. We are all working more in the area of our Unique Value. We have a better understanding of how to work together as a team. We found an understanding of how to better segregate our work tasks. We are more productive in our individual tasks and more satisfied to be doing so.”

- Caroline R, Prudential Financial

Team, Management & Executive Coaching

We build custom coaching and assessment programs for teams and company leaders. We offer one-on-one coaching, team workshops and executive retreats.

You can expect teams to:

• Work more effectively
• Optimally leverage talents
• Identify missing or overloaded energy
• Avoid team breakdowns
• Improve respect and communication

"The workshop was much more informative and valuable than I would have imagined -- and I had a positive attitude to begin with!"

- Charlene H, Pittsburgh Financial Planners

Selection and Hiring Support

Coupling our RightFit™ hiring program (EEOC compliant) with your exisiting selection process takes the guess work out of hiring and singles out the best candidate. In fact, we have an 82% success record of predicting job fit.

You can expect:

• Ideal profiles for positions
• Applicant screening based on natural abilities
• More efficiency and effectiveness in hiring
• Higher retention
• Improved culture

"Emily has played an integral part in helping us grow our firm in an optimal manner. Her keen insights into the makeup of our current employees allows us to be smarter with our hiring decisions. Her analysis is invaluable to helping us build a better team."

- Bill B, Roble Belko & Associates

Our Assessments

At the core of our programs is a set of unrivaled assessments, which have a 40-year track record and offer an entirely different insight into human performance than anything else in the marketplace. These assessments, coupled with our tailored solutions and powerful coaching, help you and your employees work more within areas of natural strength.


    A 36-question, strengths-based assessment that identifies a person's instinctive method of operating.


    Identifies an individual's self-expectations of job performance.


    Defines a direct supervisor's
    requirements and expectations for a
    specific job role.

  • Range of Success™

    A part of the RightFit™ Hiring Solution that defines the ideal candidate for a job role.

  • Career MO+™

    Matches an individual's natural strengths to potential career options.


    Delivers powerful, practical advice to help leaders leverage the conative strengths on any team.

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"You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best."
- Steve Jobs