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We propel individuals and teams to radical new levels of clarity and performance.

Better is possible. We aggressively reduce profit-draining "people problems" to ensure that your workforce operates at maximum levels.

In working with Lauch Consulting, you can expect:

Increased efficiency
Enhanced productivity
Greater employee engagement
Improved communication
Less workplace drama
Lower turnover
Reduced team breakdowns

Our programs include:

Diagnosis of conflict, stress and other productivity-draining factors.

Individual and team coaching to ensure that every team member utilizes his or her natural strengths.

Team synergy coordinated through scientific, state-of-the-art measurements.

Hiring strategies that are proven to find the best fit.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Jen W
    Bayer Corp

    "I've taken a lot of personality assessments and never ended with a WOW...we all felt some WOW from the Kolbe."

  • Brian C
    ClearBrands Inc

    "A true professional and demonstrated expert in her [Emily Melious'] work. My team and I had an excellent experience."

  • Heidi H
    Hanson Financial Group

    "The experience was: insightful, constructive, functional, effective and priceless!"

  • Chris T

    "Insightful and necessary in building a high performance team."

  • Kirk U
    Community Foundation of Westmoreland County

    "Enlightening. Uplifting. Awakening."

  • Caroline R
    Prudential Financial

    "I personally found it fascinating, eye-opening, and extremely relevant to how we put our office staff together. We are all working more in the area of our Unique Value."

  • Jeff D
    Falcon Financial Management

    "It [team coaching] was the most important part of the was consistently brought up as a high point."

  • Mike C
    Financial Planners Association

    "Excellent program."

  • Tony M
    Bayer Corp

    "Enlightening. It was a great experience, a highly effective session."

"The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity."
- Tom Peters

Increase Productivity

Identify your employees' strengths and target their efforts toward the greatest results.

Forecast Performance

Predict with amazing accuracy which individuals or team will be successful and which ones will not.

Increase Retention

Drastically reduce turnover and absenteeism by placing people in the correct roles.

Reduce "People Problems"

Boost employee morale and productivity by diagnosing performance issues.

Create Synergy

Achieve maximum results by scientifically coordinating teams.

Hire Smart

Take the guess work out of hiring and single out the best candidate.

Find Your Best Career

Match your unique talents to the ideal job.

Strengthen Relationships

Grow respect and appreciation for a spouse, child, or colleague.


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Client organizations


Students coached


Years in business


How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

I am sure that you’ve heard the phrase “cost of a bad hire” before. You may have even used it yourself. But have you ever taken the time to actually quantify that cost? Be careful…the true number may scare you.

Here are a few statistics about just how large a financial blow a failed hire can cause. In a study of 444 North American companies, 42% reported the cost of a bad hire to be two times the employee’s annual salary, 26% reported a wrongful hire to be three times the employee’s annual salary, and 11% reported the cost to be as much as five times the employee’s annual salary.

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The Solution to Your People Problems

Which is better? A hammer or a pick-up truck? It depends if you want to haul wood or drive nails. You can haul wood with a hammer. You can drive nails with a pick up. But, why would you??

A lot of poor performing teams already have the right tools…but those tools are misused and energy is put in the wrong places. Faced with a tough economy, or simply the day-to-day craziness, many business owners and managers feel they must “make do” with the team that is currently in place.

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How to Create Company Values that Inspire

Company values? Check. Wait. Not so fast. It’s become a modern day requirement for companies to have stated values…and for good reason. Well conceived value statements perpetuate a culture that is cohesive, inspired, and attractive to outside talent.

Simply having a list of idyllic words framed in the company lobby, however, doesn’t fulfill the requirement. To keep you from the pitfalls of well-intended company values gone bad, follow these important do’s and dont’s.

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Employees Who Rate Company Morale as Low


Workers Who Often Dream of Having a Different Job


Employees Using Time at Work to Shop Online


Employees Engaged at Work


Unmotivated Workers

An overwhleming number of workers are uninspired, largely because they do not feel free to operate within their strengths on a daily basis. It's not that employees lack the necessary talents to be successful. The raw abilities are already there. But no one is tapping into them. Management may even be (knowingly or unknowingly) deterring their use.

If you've experienced employee turnover, whether one person or one hundred, it is critical that you examine the circumstances of each employee's resignation. What may have been dismissed as isolated circumstances, may actually be the result of ingrained organizational culture that is driving out talent from your company.

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